Efficient, effective, client-oriented legal representation.

My work is dedicated to helping clients solve problems quickly, effectively, and often with a myriad of goals in mind. In numerous scenarios I have achieved results that other attorneys did not think possible, including in litigation, in negotiations, and in real estate matters with strict deadlines. I have been serving clients in business, contracts, real estate, litigation and dispute resolution since 2002, after graduating from the University of Washington’s Law School here in Seattle.

I studied advanced negotiations at Harvard, and have spent a fair amount of time mediating cases, including at small claims court, in addition to my other training. I have presented and taught courses on the subject of “difficult conversations” (communication and negotiations) to both attorneys and businesses. I believe the more skill we have in communicating, the more effective we are at resolving disputes, including on behalf of our clients (and our businesses).

” … timely, thoughtful, professional and level headed. … Her abilities to navigate difficult negotiations are significant…” – Susie

“She is smart, thoughtful, charismatic, and committed to her clients’ success.” – Tom

My job is to help you solve your problem, whatever that may be. I would welcome the opportunity to speak with you to see if I can be of service. If I cannot help you, I am committed to helping you find someone who can.

Please contact me to schedule a consultation.