Over the years I have drafted numerous contracts and settlement agreements ranging across a variety of issues for professionals, small businesses and entrepreneurs, including doctors, lawyers, coaches, consultants, authors, speakers, graphic designers, photographers, florists, realtors, real estate investors, and landlords. With dispute resolution as an emphasis in my practice, I have often been called upon to assist in final negotiations of settlement of difficult scenarios following involvement of previous counsel, and have negotiated successful resolutions despite prior roadblocks.

I assist entrepreneurs and small businesses with business formation, including setting up business structures, drafting all kinds of business contracts, and coaching businesses on business liability and strategic planning to reduce business liability and risk.

I represent online information entrepreneurs (consultants, coaches, speakers and authors) and multi-million dollar online businesses to help them protect their online programs, information and digital offerings, safely grow their databases, implement required policies, protect their intellectual property and establish their legal protections for the online (and offline) portions of their businesses.

I have assisted clients in negotiating publishing contracts with both small, independent publishers and large, international publishing houses, literary agency (representation) agreements, license agreements (for books and digital products), and numerous other related scenarios.

On behalf of a cornerstone business, negotiated within a very tight timeframe the removal of a business partner who was stonewalling the remaining business partners in litigation (after embezzling from them), in order to prevent the refinance of the building and property owned by the business as a strategy for thwarting the continuing viability of the business. Attorneys previously involved in the litigation of the partner dispute had billed my clients over $80,000 in the previous year without resolution to the case; an attorney previously involved in attempting to handle the refinance portion (following the economic downturn and subsequent call of the loans by my clients’ bank) had also been unsuccessful. In four short weeks, I achieved the removal of the business partner, and facilitated the implementation of new loans for the business property, extricating the prior bank and preventing the foreclosure of the business property and subsequent closure of the business.

On behalf of a Seattle business and property owner, settled a Boundary Line Dispute with City of Seattle, obtaining a settlement amount 95 times higher than that originally offered by the City to my client prior to representation.

Represented a Commercial Property and Business Owner in a quiet title action involving critical parking space associated with the business, located in Wallingford. Won in each of three rounds of arbitration against a top, senior land use attorney, and successfully achieved possession and use of the property in dispute.

In conjunction with co-counsel, achieved an $8M loan workout for a commercial real estate developer in eastern Washington involving multiple properties and multiple banks. This required numerous sub-deals and complex negotiations with various parties within a strict, and short-term timeframe.

Negotiated on behalf of a client involved in an extremely difficult extrication from real property shared with a previous partner. After years of litigation involving prior counsel, strategically guided dual negotiations, both with previous partner, and with potential purchaser resulting in a successful buy-out situation within a strict and very short-term timeframe.

Assisted in the representation of a condominium association (130 homeowners), in the negotiations and $93M sale of the condominium complex to Children’s Hospital located in Seattle. Guided the communications with the homeowners throughout a multi-year process, involving extremely complex deal points and strategic positioning, which even included working with lobbyists to change State law governing condominiums in Washington. This was the first deal of its kind in Washington state.

Represented a homeowner in West Seattle who incurred diminution in property value based on an undisclosed sewer easement running across her property. Successfully negotiated a settlement with the insurance company resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars in return compensation to my client.

Represented a local cattle rancher in suing his drainage district for damage done to property being leased by my client, which resulted in the death of over 90 cattle. Obtained a successful settlement allowing my client to continue his ranching operation.

DISCLAIMER: ***These results are representative only and do not guarantee specific results in any other scenario or case.